…this was an inspiring program that far exceeded our expectations.


Great insight into how leaders should behave in today’s business climate.

He has the complete package – very organized, detail oriented, a true understanding and appreciation for the task at hand and the audience he is addressing. He delivers his message in a very clear and simple manner…but at the same time, provides a number of relevant examples so that each and every attendee feels as though he is speaking directly to them.

Thank you so much for returning to Key to once again help us equip our leaders with the necessary tools and motivation to navigate through tough economic times. There is always some nugget of wisdom that resonates…to our situation…that is invaluable!

You were definitely a hit with the entire audience! My guess is you had close to a 100% approval rating. I have never heard that much positive feedback or excitement about an outside presenter at Lilly. The areas that you focused your presentation on were spot on…

Phil Van Hooser has helped my team immensely. He has adapted his style to every situation we have utilized him for and the results are just outstanding.

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