An outstanding process.  Certainly one that the dealer appreciated, and, in the years I’ve been with General Motors, (the most) concentrated effort to help the dealer improve (I’ve seen).  I’d like to see this expanded to a number of other dealers.

This is an outstanding performance.  We knew that our programs were good enough to garner an increase.  However, I don’t believe any of us foresaw this type of performance. … You should be proud of your contributions to our record setting month.

The way you structured the situation — your materials, the internal and external job roles, the careful costing of materials, even your simulated profit-loss statement — was masterful. … Congratulations on a fine job!

You are excellent!  Thanks for the quick turn-around.

Your speedattention to detail, and professionalism make you a super-extraordinary HERO.

You came in February and did this process for us.  As a result, we became NUMBER ONE IN OUR MARKET FOR SEVEN STRAIGHT MONTHS.

The Factory on a Desk-Top™ workshop was a great tool for helping this upper management group get a feel for the difference between traditional and lean manufacturing.

…this was an inspiring program that far exceeded our expectations.


Great insight into how leaders should behave in today’s business climate.

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