Getting Better Results When Interviewing and Selecting Employees

60-Minute Webinar Replay

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The task of employee interviewing and selection frustrates many managers and supervisors because they haven’t found a process that produces dependable results. Poor selection decisions create more headaches, frustration and lost productivity when new hires turn out to be a “not quite right” fit.

In this webinar replay, you will learn an approach for getting better results from the interviewing and selection of job candidates, including:

  • The real objectives in employee selection – They may not be what you think.
  • 6 key factors in selection decisions – Are you gathering the right information?
  • The consequences of flawed selection decisions — Is it just a poor hire or a lot more?
  • How to organize the selection process – What to do before, during and after.
  • How “team interviewing” can engage employees AND job candidates – Know the pros and cons.


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