Using Performance Appraisals to Increase Employee Engagement, Reduce Frustration

60-Minute Webinar Replay

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Managers and supervisors hate conducting employee performance appraisals for two main reasons—they’ve never learned the value to be gained from employee appraisals or a system for successfully conducting them. That creates big organizational problems when employee performance development is inconsistent and appropriate performance documentation is lacking.

In this webinar replay, you will learn a process that reduces the unpleasant, inconsistent, counterproductive results of employee performance appraisals, including:

  • Why employee performance appraisals are not only a necessary, but valuable tool;
  • The motivational impact your approach to performance appraisals has on employee engagement;
  • Why employees should NEVER be evaluated on their attitude;
  • Three common mistakes that doom performance appraisals;
  • Four must-haves for a less frustrating, more consistent performance appraisal process.

End the Cycle of Unproductive Employee Appraisals

Learn How to Conduct Performance Appraisals with the online course, “Using Employee Appraisals to Improve Performance.”


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