THE 4 LOTK® CORNERSTONES: Online Management Courses for

Complete Leadership Transformation

Leadership Fundamentals

3 Courses (12 Lessons)

Cornerstone 1

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition.

Leadership Courses

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition. Here, they learn how to move successfully from employee to leader. Then they evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of various leadership styles.

Then during this transition, course participants explore what followers want most from their leaders. In addition, leaders and managers will learn how to prevent common, negative leadership behaviors. Finally they will learn to build trust and nurture engaged relationships with those they lead.

3 Leadership Courses (12 Lessons): 

  • The Foundation of Leadership
  • Knowing Your Leadership Style
  • Building Integrity, Trust & Respect for Leaders

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Employee Motivation

2 Courses (11 Lessons)

Cornerstone 2

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees.

Employee Motivation Courses

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees. Wide differences in generational groups — from Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z — compound the new leader’s confusion about employee motivation.

From Cornerstone 2: Employee Motivation Courses, new leaders as well as seasoned managers learn what ultimately drives genuine, sustainable employee motivation. They will recognize the predictable behavior patterns that signal lagging motivation in any employee and possess the necessary information to create a motivating environment for any generation or any individual.

2 Employee Motivation Courses (11 Lessons):

  • Creating a Motivating Environment for Employees
  • Identifying the Real Causes of Employee Behavior

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Team Building

2 Courses (9 Lessons)

Cornerstone 3

An organization’s mission will ultimately be achieved by managers successfully leading teams of employees to work together.

Team Building Courses

Because managers must successfully lead teams to work together to achieve any organizational mission, team building skills are essential. In Cornerstone 3: Team Building Courses, emerging leaders and managers get the essential team building action plan they need.  They will learn how core team building concepts — like authority, power and empowerment — impact the dynamics of a team. And they will learn how to properly use all three.

Next, leaders will understand and identify common team building concerns. Then they will gain skills to successfully diffuse the inevitable conflict and confrontation. From there, managers and new leaders will know how to move their team away from competition toward creative collaboration! In short, course participants learn team building skills to apply from initial team member on-boarding through full employee empowerment. These team building courses help them ultimately achieve better performance outcomes!

2 Team Building Courses (9 Lessons):

  • Resolving Common Team Building Problems
  • How & When to Empower Your Employees

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Communication Skills

4 Courses (15 Lessons)

Cornerstone 4

The trajectory of every new and emerging leader’s success will be driven by their ability to communicate.

Communication Skills Courses

Effective communication skills drive success for every manager and leader. Cornerstone 4: Communication Skills Courses unpack six components essential for successful verbal, non-verbal and written leadership communication.

First, leaders will discover guidance to lead on-task meetings and reduce wasted time. In addition, they will learn relevant skills for on-point business presentations. Next, leaders and managers will study and apply active listening skills to build trust and earn credibility. Then, much instruction will focus on strategies to reduce and resolve workplace conflict and confrontation.

Leaders experience greater leadership success using these communication skills.

  • Communicate honestly to build greater leadership trust
  • Actively listen and talk ‘with’ people to increase employee engagement
  • Reduce drama and salvage employee relationships
  • Say “no” the right way and increase personal productivity
  • Use pre- and post-project conversations to unlock more innovation and creativity

4 Communication Skills Courses (15 Lessons):

  • Effective Meeting Management Skills
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict & Confrontation
  • Listening, Writing & Communicating to be a Better Leader
  • Earning the Right to be Heard®

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The Advantage You Want:
Full Access, Comprehensive Online Management Training

Because organizations need greater flexibility and choice in the management training tools they use, the option to select the Leaders Ought to Know® Comprehensive management training package is available.

In short, this all-inclusive solution gives you the flexibility, access, and support to meet individualized, up-to-the-minute leadership training needs at any time.

With access to all Leaders Ought To Know® training resources, onsite and virtual management training options, participant coaching, facilitator instruction, and much more, our comprehensive leadership training solution enables you to waste no time getting your people ready to lead!

All 4 Leaders Ought To Know® Cornerstones (11 Courses, 47 Lessons)

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Get a Win-Win-Win Solution:
Online + Onsite + Virtual Management Training

Leaders Ought To Know® online management courses give your managers the critical instruction they need — the step-by-step guidance to effectively lead, motivate, communicate and build engaged work teams.

In that regard, Leaders Ought To Know®  courses engage leaders and managers to learn these concepts in a variety of ways.

  1. Video instruction
  2. Group discussions
  3. Quizzes
  4. Self assessments
  5. Journalling
  6. Mentor activities

Moreover, your team members’ learning experiences are strengthened by onsite* face-to-face management training twice a year. And this onsite group instruction is always led exclusively by Leaders Ought To Know® facilitators. Because of this, team learning, engagement and interaction are extended even further.

*Because Work From Home (WFH) and remote learning are now essential business practices, virtual management training options are also available.

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Online Management Courses Designed With You in Mind!

Leaders Ought to Know® online management courses are designed for the way people learn best! In the office, on the road, in a group, or via remote training. In other words, your favorite device, an internet connection and our superior leadership content is all that you need!

Each Leaders Ought To Know® Cornerstone includes:
  • Multiple 10-12 Minute Video Lessons

    First, learn essential leadership concepts in short, easy-to-consume chunks of video instruction.

  • Varied Learning Activities

    Next, practice and apply core leadership concepts. Learning activities include exercises, quizzes, self assessments, journalling assignments, suggested readings and more.

  • Online Discussion Forums

    After that, gain valuable perspectives by engaging and learning from other colleagues.

  • Mentor Learning Engagements

    In addition, develop personal leadership accountability and support while learning from more experienced leaders.

  • Onsite Group Instruction

    Finally, heighten training engagement with onsite* face-to-face group instruction. This is exclusively led by Leaders Ought To Know® instructors, and is offered twice a year, for one full day. *Virtual management training options are also available.

  • Optional Learning Guide & Reminder

    Overall, keep your team focused by suggesting a best route through the online management courses material.

Are You Confident Online Management Courses Will Do This?

Robust, Branded Training Portal

Internal training leaders and participants access all Leaders Ought To Know® courses through our online training portal. In addition, training leaders have the option to monitor participant progress via customized statistics and progress reports.

Also, we know your company branding is important. Because of this, you may choose to add on a branded skin to customize your training portal.

Our learning management portal is a robust system with many helpful tools. So if it fits your needs, you may also add on the option to deliver important messages and host company content through the portal. Ask us for more details.

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