During the leadership development training I conduct, people often share the clearest perspective on great leadership. They also come up with some of the biggest problems leaders create for themselves. One person brought up the critical issue of leadership credibility. In short, why is it important for leaders to walk the talk? And what happens when they do? (more…)

In previous posts, I shared two important elements of success: 1) knowledge with understanding and 2) skills with application. But I stated very clearly there are at least three elements necessary to success. Not one, not two, but three things an individual needs to realize his or her full potential as it relates to the success they desire. So what is this remaining key to success? Let’s take a look. (more…)

In a recent post I responded to a question posed: “Does all this change we are going through change the formula for success?” I shared my belief that, regardless what changes around us, three elements of success will not change. The first element of success is knowledge — knowing and understanding your area of interest or endeavor. Today, let’s explore the second element: skill with application. (more…)

In light of changes brought on by the coronavirus crisis, the most often-asked question I’ve gotten in recent days is this: “Does all this change success? I feel like I’ve been working toward a goal and I want desperately to be successful. But will all that is going on around us, how has that changed?” That’s a fair question. In response, I believe there are three elements of success. Regardless what changes around you you can gauge your progress by these. Let’s take a look at the first one. (more…)

There is a truth about change that often gets disregarded or altogether missed. Sure, change brings unexpected problems. That’s where most of us want to focus. And since the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all experienced multiple unexpected difficulties. But the most successful leaders among us focus on something quite different. These folks understand, prepare for — even seek out — something else. What is this overlooked truth of change?

I’ve given some thought to the business lessons I’ve learned over the past 32 years in my roles as entrepreneur, business owner, speaker, trainer, author and perpetual student of leadership and human nature. I’ve synopsized them into 32 (or so) quick thoughts and lessons learned. Much more could be said about each one. Maybe I’ll do just that in the days ahead. But for now, take about 32 seconds to read the following. Maybe you’ll find a keeper for yourself! (more…)

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