There is a truth about change that often gets disregarded or altogether missed. Sure, change brings unexpected problems. That’s where most of us want to focus. And since the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve all experienced multiple unexpected difficulties. But the most successful leaders among us focus on something quite different. These folks understand, prepare for — even seek out — something else. What is this overlooked truth of change?

Four times in the next two weeks, I’ll be talking with business clients about coping with stress, fear and managing change. These are some very real and difficult challenges for all of us. But especially for leaders. Leaders not only have to deal with their own personal reactions to change, fear and stress. They also have to figure out how to help their employees do the same. This 7 question test will help you know how well you’re coping with stress. Then offers some practical ways you and your people can not just get through this stressful season of change, but come out of it better than ever!


Do I really “love” COVID-19? Of course not! But this experience is teaching us at least three things that will make us stronger, and I do love that. See if you agree with me. (more…)

Encouragement for Leaders in Crisis Mode

Ideas for Navigating the COVID 19 Chaos

As a leader in your organization, your top priority must be to create some sense of order out of the chaos that COVID 19 is creating. It is an uncertain, likely overwhelming responsibility.

To encourage you — the leader — as you’re rethinking processes, redeploying resources, reassuring employees and customers, making serious decisions in real time — here are 3 ideas to help you successfully navigate these challenging days.

I love a good story — and I’m sure you will have some incredible successes to tell in the days ahead — examples that I’m sure will serve as encouragements for leaders for years to come! (more…)

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