I get this question a lot… So Phil, when you talk about empowering people, aren’t you really suggesting we’re giving them free rein? The short answer is “no,” — I’m not saying that at all. In fact, I don’t think most organizations ever have to worry about going too far when empowering people. Early in my career, I lived through a situation that showed me empowered employees can lead much further than we imagine — if and only if — we give them the chance. Let me explain. (more…)

Leadership credibility is hard enough to come by. And an indifferent attitude toward employees can be the kiss of death. So how can leaders counteract indifference? Here’s an example to illustrate what I believe is the most important question a leader can ask to combat indifference and build employee engagement. (more…)

After the significant emotional event of COVID-19, employees coming back to work may feel and act differently. What should leaders be doing? Consider this. (more…)

Encouragement for Leaders in Crisis Mode

Ideas for Navigating the COVID 19 Chaos

As a leader in your organization, your top priority must be to create some sense of order out of the chaos that COVID 19 is creating. It is an uncertain, likely overwhelming responsibility.

To encourage you — the leader — as you’re rethinking processes, redeploying resources, reassuring employees and customers, making serious decisions in real time — here are 3 ideas to help you successfully navigate these challenging days.

I love a good story — and I’m sure you will have some incredible successes to tell in the days ahead — examples that I’m sure will serve as encouragements for leaders for years to come! (more…)

In doing some professional research recently, I stumbled upon an article that referred to a Gallup study with some interesting findings. The article said the demographic of 21 to 37 year old employees are 20 times more likely to stay and not change jobs if they have they have this one thing. As someone who regularly helps company leaders get better at employee retention, that statistic grabbed my attention. Here’s what those employees want… (more…)

Life is not perfect. From time to time, every leader is going to have some dissatisfied employees. So leaders, you need to be fully aware of the predictable behaviors that will occur when one of your employees is dissatisfied. You won’t be able to predict with certainty the order in which these behaviors will surface. But you can predict one or more of these specific behaviors from dissatisfied employees. Here’s what to look for. (more…)

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