Flip Your Leadership Losses into Performance Gains

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So how can you flip leadership losses into performance gains? Well, that’s where our team and Leaders Ought to Know® online leadership training come in!

As former corporate managers, we’ve experienced similar situations. We understand how frustrating and financially difficult it is to compete for skilled leadership talent. And when you’re competing against bigger organizations and deeper pockets — it’s even harder to attract high-performing leaders.

Online Leadership Training to Beat the Competition!

Like so many, we’ve sat through dissatisfying training efforts that had no practical application. We know the disappointment of training that offers no on-going guidance, instruction or reinforcement. And we’ve seen the dismal leadership results this kind of training delivers.

So we’ve designed this online leadership training to deliver the essential concepts managers must master. Then extend their understanding and skill through effective applications and engaging activities.

As a result of our work with top U.S. companies, groups like yours have developed high-performing leaders using Leaders Ought to Know® online leadership training!  It’s first-class leadership training that can be put in place — in weeks — not months or years.

In short, Leaders Ought To Know® online management training helps you compete against the big guys — and WIN! And all this for an affordable investment!

High Performance Leadership Attracts People & Profits! We Help Leaders...

Earn respect and credibility that foster authentic, engaged employee relationships.

Communicate with confidence and control.

Create opportunities that stimulate employee motivation.

And unleash the creativity, ingenuity and productivity of their teams.

Organizations with High Performance Leadership...

Attract, engage & retain high caliber leadership and management talent.

Increase productivity, save time, money and invest in people.

Develop a ready pool of high-quality emerging leaders.

Reinforce and extend employee growth and development.

Create a consistent organizational culture of leadership excellence.


But of course, you do! Certainly, you want credible, respected managers. Likewise, you need engaged leaders trusted by their employees. Moreover, you must have managers and leaders who understand what motivates their people and how to bring them together as a highly productive team.

Leaders Get the Skill-Set to Excel

In short, leaders need the right skill mix to excel. Leaders Ought To Know® online leadership training courses address not only the essential skills managers need but also the finer nuances of effective leadership.

First, we build in practical applications and consistent instruction to extend their study. Then, we combine skills and instruction with onsite* face-to-face training. World class trainers, authors and consultants develop and deliver Leaders Ought To Know® management instruction. From this, learning, engagement and interaction are expanded even further!

As a result, your leaders not only gain the leadership knowledge to excel, but they also reinforce their understanding through practice and application of these concepts and skills.

*Virtual management training options are also available.


“How to Create Internal Training to Stick”

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The Leaders Ought To Know® Cornerstones

World-Class Online Leadership Training Courses

Leadership Fundamentals

3 Courses (12 Lessons)

Cornerstone 1

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition.

Leadership Courses

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition. Here, they learn how to move successfully from employee to leader. Then they evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of various leadership styles.

Then during this transition, course participants explore what followers want most from their leaders. In addition, leaders and managers will learn how to prevent common, negative leadership behaviors. Finally they will learn to build trust and nurture engaged relationships with those they lead.

3 Leadership Courses (12 Lessons): 

  • The Foundation of Leadership
  • Knowing Your Leadership Style
  • Building Integrity, Trust & Respect for Leaders

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Employee Motivation

2 Courses (11 Lessons)

Cornerstone 2

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees.

Employee Motivation Courses

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees. Wide differences in generational groups — from Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z — compound the new leader’s confusion about employee motivation.

From Cornerstone 2: Employee Motivation Courses, new leaders as well as seasoned managers learn what ultimately drives genuine, sustainable employee motivation. They will recognize the predictable behavior patterns that signal lagging motivation in any employee and possess the necessary information to create a motivating environment for any generation or any individual.

2 Employee Motivation Courses (11 Lessons):

  • Creating a Motivating Environment for Employees
  • Identifying the Real Causes of Employee Behavior

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Team Building

2 Courses (9 Lessons)

Cornerstone 3

An organization’s mission will ultimately be achieved by managers successfully leading teams of employees to work together.

Team Building Courses

Because managers must successfully lead teams to work together to achieve any organizational mission, team building skills are essential. In Cornerstone 3: Team Building Courses, emerging leaders and managers get the essential team building action plan they need.  They will learn how core team building concepts — like authority, power and empowerment — impact the dynamics of a team. And they will learn how to properly use all three.

Next, leaders will understand and identify common team building concerns. Then they will gain skills to successfully diffuse the inevitable conflict and confrontation. From there, managers and new leaders will know how to move their team away from competition toward creative collaboration! In short, course participants learn team building skills to apply from initial team member on-boarding through full employee empowerment. These team building courses help them ultimately achieve better performance outcomes!

2 Team Building Courses (9 Lessons):

  • Resolving Common Team Building Problems
  • How & When to Empower Your Employees

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Communication Skills

4 Courses (15 Lessons)

Cornerstone 4

The trajectory of every new and emerging leader’s success will be driven by their ability to communicate.

Communication Skills Courses

Effective communication skills drive success for every manager and leader. Cornerstone 4: Communication Skills Courses unpack six components essential for successful verbal, non-verbal and written leadership communication.

First, leaders will discover guidance to lead on-task meetings and reduce wasted time. In addition, they will learn relevant skills for on-point business presentations. Next, leaders and managers will study and apply active listening skills to build trust and earn credibility. Then, much instruction will focus on strategies to reduce and resolve workplace conflict and confrontation.

Leaders experience greater leadership success using these communication skills.

  • Communicate honestly to build greater leadership trust
  • Actively listen and talk ‘with’ people to increase employee engagement
  • Reduce drama and salvage employee relationships
  • Say “no” the right way and increase personal productivity
  • Use pre- and post-project conversations to unlock more innovation and creativity

4 Communication Skills Courses (15 Lessons):

  • Effective Meeting Management Skills
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict & Confrontation
  • Listening, Writing & Communicating to be a Better Leader
  • Earning the Right to be Heard®

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…absolutely wonderful job with our group. I only heard positive feedback…

Anheuser Busch Agronomy

Fantastic! … I love the practical application exercises.

Computer Services, Inc.

Leaders Ought to Know® is important because of the sustainability and the fact that there’s that ongoing, week-by-week follow-up.

Baptist Health Madisonville

You hit it out of the park… I’m glad we had this opportunity to work together to make a difference for the company and all the employees through this program!

Dwyer Instruments

… it’s an actual structure to my path…Leaders Ought to Know® shows me the way to take knowledge and make it a viable, usable item for the day.

Baptist Health Madisonville

I’ve been through too many courses in my career and none of them delivered what Leaders Ought To Know® did. Great materials, great presenter and co-host and I really liked the format.

Helena Agri-Enterprises

Meet Us

Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE staff member

Phil Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE

Hall of Fame Leadership Keynote Speaker, Trainer & Author

Martin Ramsay staff member

Martin Ramsay

International Process Consultant & Chief Learning Designer

Susan Van Hooser staff member

Susan Van Hooser


When organizations want to transform their leadership talent to drive performance and productivity, Phillip Van Hooser, MBA, CSP, CPAE is the trusted advisor they can confidently turn to for guidance to do it right!

Leadership + Professional Development Experience

For 10 years, Phil worked in Human Resources and Employee Relations positions for FORTUNE 500 companies. And with 15+ years in bank leadership, Phil knows firsthand the setbacks and financial struggles caused by unprepared leadership.

So for 30+ years, Phil’s compelling purpose has been to show managers how to build engaged, constructive connections with those they lead. Consequently, more than 1,000 U.S. companies and organizations have realized better business results from Phil’s work with them. And two-thirds of those clients have secured his guidance and expertise repeatedly!

Online Leadership Development

Because of the demand for comprehensive, online leadership training that works, Phil developed Leaders Ought to Know® . Based on his popular book, Leaders Ought to Know, these online management courses give managers essential, practical leadership guidance.  As a result, frontline supervisors, managers and senior management teams strengthen employee relations and leadership engagement to achieve growth and competitive advantage.

Phil Van Hooser: Business Writer & Mentor

An accomplished business writer, and mentor to emerging leaders, Phil has laid out a clear success plan in multiple books including Willie’s Way: 6 Secrets for Wooing, Wowing and Winning Customers and Their Loyalty, and his latest release, We Need to Talk: Building Trust When Communicating Gets Critical.

Phil Van Hooser is a 30+ year member and past president of the National Speakers Association. He is a Certified Speaking Professional and a member of the CPAE Speaker Hall of Fame. He is also a recipient of the Cavett Award, NSA’s highest honor.

Keynotes by Philip Van Hooser

Martin Ramsay is the founder and managing director of CEATH Company, an international consulting firm. His firm leverages organizational effectiveness by combining organizational processes and human resource development with information technology.

Martin Ramsay: International Business Consultant

Martin consults internationally on business process improvement, customer relationship management, business information technology deployment, and enterprise resource planning. His expertise has taken him to thirteen countries on three continents in his quest to help organizations improve performance.

For over three decades, Martin has designed experience-based training programs and software applications. Case in point, CEATH’s Factory on a Desk-Top™ experiential learning laboratory, a process redesign and improvement tool, has gained global attention.

Because of his expertise in learning styles and instructional design, Martin Ramsay is the chief architect of the Leaders Ought to Know® course applications.

Organizational Process Expert

Fortune magazine called Martin Ramsay “an expert on the organizational impact of new information systems” who impresses clients with his “preparedness and clarity.” And The Center for Digital Education recognized him with its In the Spotlight award. And said this, “Martin is one of the most innovative, hard-working, trend-setting IT leaders in the nation.”

Finally, Martin is a frequent contributor to industry and trade publications. And the results of his work have been published in Industrial EngineeringPC Magazine, ASTD’s Training and Development JournalMechanical EngineeringAPICS: The Performance AdvantageComputer Graphics World, and Information Center, among others.|

Consulting by Martin Ramsay

Susan Van Hooser provides administrative management for Leaders Ought to Know®, an online leadership development program. Working with customers to make their leadership training efforts and meetings most effective is what she enjoys most!

Susan manages all day-to-day details for Leaders Ought to Know. In addition, she assists clients with scheduling, course materials, and is a friendly point-of-contact for all questions and requests.

Also, Susan directs the management and marketing for Van Hooser Associates — an internationally recognized professional development organization.

In addition to these activities, Susan oversees new business and brand development. Along with this, she develops video, web-based and print marketing, as well as copywriting and publishing responsibilities. Her financial experience includes accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, inventory, tax preparation, and reporting.

Susan holds a bachelor’s degree in business management from Murray State University. She enjoys travel and spending time with her family. She and her husband, Phil, live in Princeton, Kentucky.


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