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First Class Online Management Training Courses

A Lack Of Quality Management Training Costs You Time & Money

Why do so many new managers and emerging leaders fail within the first two years of being promoted? Study after study indicates the answer is a lack of quality training.

Leadership & Management Are Not the Same Skills

Most new leaders are promoted because of their technical expertise. But successful leadership requires a unique skill set. And too many new leaders and managers receive little, if any, quality management training to equip them with the necessary set of leadership skills.

“HR Magazine reports that companies investing $1,500 or more per employee per year on training average 24 percent higher profit margins than companies with lower yearly training investments.”

Here’s What a Failing Leader Costs You

Each time one of your leaders washes out, it costs you time and money. Yes, retention and productivity costs go up. But morale also goes down. Missed target and missed opportunity costs mount. Then start counting the costs for compliance, regulatory or other liable actions — like harassment or discrimination. And the potential costs get really BIG — really FAST.

Those companies and organizations focused on growth and profitability know this. The smart money is to invest in the people who will lead them! As a result, high performing leadership supported by high quality management training attracts and retains even more high caliber talent.

Online Management Training to Get the Right Leadership Skills in Less Time

With our step-by-step leadership development, your managers will cut their learning curve drastically and develop the skills and confidence they need to lead — and lead well! Leaders Ought To Know® is an online management training platform. And it is developed and delivered by world-class trainers, experts and consultants. It equips your managers and leaders with the right skill mix needed for their leadership roles! As a result, organizations using Leaders Ought To Know® can build a deeper, stronger, properly trained leadership team — much faster!

Management Training You Can Rely On, Here's Why

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The Leaders Ought To Know® Cornerstones

Top Quality, Online Management Training Courses

Leadership Fundamentals

3 Courses (12 Lessons)

Cornerstone 1

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition.

Leadership Courses

Cornerstone 1: Leadership Fundamentals starts with a roadmap for the new leader’s transition. Here, they learn how to move successfully from employee to leader. Then they evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of various leadership styles.

Then during this transition, course participants explore what followers want most from their leaders. In addition, leaders and managers will learn how to prevent common, negative leadership behaviors. Finally they will learn to build trust and nurture engaged relationships with those they lead.

3 Leadership Courses (12 Lessons): 

  • The Foundation of Leadership
  • Knowing Your Leadership Style
  • Building Integrity, Trust & Respect for Leaders

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Employee Motivation

2 Courses (11 Lessons)

Cornerstone 2

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees.

Employee Motivation Courses

At every stage of the management experience, leaders are trying to figure out what will motivate their employees. Wide differences in generational groups — from Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X, Millennials and Gen Z — compound the new leader’s confusion about employee motivation.

From Cornerstone 2: Employee Motivation Courses, new leaders as well as seasoned managers learn what ultimately drives genuine, sustainable employee motivation. They will recognize the predictable behavior patterns that signal lagging motivation in any employee and possess the necessary information to create a motivating environment for any generation or any individual.

2 Employee Motivation Courses (11 Lessons):

  • Creating a Motivating Environment for Employees
  • Identifying the Real Causes of Employee Behavior

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Team Building

2 Courses (9 Lessons)

Cornerstone 3

An organization’s mission will ultimately be achieved by managers successfully leading teams of employees to work together.

Team Building Courses

Because managers must successfully lead teams to work together to achieve any organizational mission, team building skills are essential. In Cornerstone 3: Team Building Courses, emerging leaders and managers get the essential team building action plan they need.  They will learn how core team building concepts — like authority, power and empowerment — impact the dynamics of a team. And they will learn how to properly use all three.

Next, leaders will understand and identify common team building concerns. Then they will gain skills to successfully diffuse the inevitable conflict and confrontation. From there, managers and new leaders will know how to move their team away from competition toward creative collaboration! In short, course participants learn team building skills to apply from initial team member on-boarding through full employee empowerment. These team building courses help them ultimately achieve better performance outcomes!

2 Team Building Courses (9 Lessons):

  • Resolving Common Team Building Problems
  • How & When to Empower Your Employees

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Communication Skills

4 Courses (15 Lessons)

Cornerstone 4

The trajectory of every new and emerging leader’s success will be driven by their ability to communicate.

Communication Skills Courses

Effective communication skills drive success for every manager and leader. Cornerstone 4: Communication Skills Courses unpack six components essential for successful verbal, non-verbal and written leadership communication.

First, leaders will discover guidance to lead on-task meetings and reduce wasted time. In addition, they will learn relevant skills for on-point business presentations. Next, leaders and managers will study and apply active listening skills to build trust and earn credibility. Then, much instruction will focus on strategies to reduce and resolve workplace conflict and confrontation.

Leaders experience greater leadership success using these communication skills.

  • Communicate honestly to build greater leadership trust
  • Actively listen and talk ‘with’ people to increase employee engagement
  • Reduce drama and salvage employee relationships
  • Say “no” the right way and increase personal productivity
  • Use pre- and post-project conversations to unlock more innovation and creativity

4 Communication Skills Courses (15 Lessons):

  • Effective Meeting Management Skills
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict & Confrontation
  • Listening, Writing & Communicating to be a Better Leader
  • Earning the Right to be Heard®

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…absolutely wonderful job with our group. I only heard positive feedback…

Anheuser Busch Agronomy

Fantastic! … I love the practical application exercises.

Computer Services, Inc.

Leaders Ought to Know® is important because of the sustainability and the fact that there’s that ongoing, week-by-week follow-up.

Baptist Health Madisonville

You hit it out of the park… I’m glad we had this opportunity to work together to make a difference for the company and all the employees through this program!

Dwyer Instruments

… it’s an actual structure to my path…Leaders Ought to Know® shows me the way to take knowledge and make it a viable, usable item for the day.

Baptist Health Madisonville

I’ve been through too many courses in my career and none of them delivered what Leaders Ought To Know® did. Great materials, great presenter and co-host and I really liked the format.

Helena Agri-Enterprises


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